In August 2021, we packed our things and embarked on a new journey.

We had not stopped since.

Join us on our adventure and learn about boldly exploring life's great unprecedented, but also reflective and thoughtful, as we carve out our own unknown zones.
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We work hard and travel harder in order to keep ourselves sane.
Only Child Mom
Traveling with a child can certainly present its fair share of challenges, but at our core, we believe every obstacle is an opportunity waiting to be seized.
As a studied musicologist and holistic nutritionist, Tatiana has taken on the role of a self-didactic mentor, applying her vast experience and growth mindset to the learning processes of our daughter, Mia. And now, you too can join us on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery, turning challenges into opportunities and creating lasting memories with your child every step of the way.
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CTO Berlin
Sebastian has left his career as Berlin-based CTO and startUp-founder behind in order to travel. He now is coaching and mentoring other tech managers, who go through a growth phase and need to scale their enterprise.
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Auswandern Chat
German-speaking community, exchanging thoughts on eaving the country and living abroad.
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